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Chocolate chip muffins

Have you ever wanted a delicious chocolate cake or muffin recipe that always works out and tastes incredible?  I couldn’t believe how easy this recipe is to make, and how gooey and moist the muffins are.  Take one bowl and mix and bake – that’s it.  Simple and so yum. …

Vegetables Logo

Simple crop rotation for a healthy veggie patch

Have you ever wanted to use crop rotation in your food garden? You are probably trying to decide which method is the best to use – there are so many different ways of rotating crops.   After a few successful trials I have a simple and easy method to share with you. …


First Steps to Simple Living with Organised Systems

Imagine being really organised at home every night after work so you have more time to put your feet up. Remembering what you need to do next when time is short.  With these two simple systems you can restore flow into your home each night and save lots of time. …

Clothesline Old Fashioned

First steps to simple living with housework

Where do you start when you work full-time and you have no energy or time for housework?  We all want a comfortable, clean and beautiful home but it doesn’t have to stress us out to look after it.  Housework CAN be enjoyable and not take over and here is how. …

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Potato Pesto Hotpot

10 minute tasty and healthy slow cooker meals

Do you want you and your family to eat real home-cooked food made from scratch every night?  Meals that are tasty and healthy? These recipes take 10 minutes to load into your slow cooker with simple and cheap ingredients you already have in your pantry, and you will enjoy it. …


Reasons why I want to live more self-sufficient

Is living more self-sufficient a goal for you?  Imagine a debt-free existence.  All of your food growing  in the garden, preserves in the cellar, and an off-grid home.  The skills to make whatever you need to provide for your own household needs.  Here’s my reasons for wanting a more self-sufficient life. …


Setting up your vegetable garden in 4 easy steps

Change of season is one of the best times of year. Do you look forward to planting the kitchen garden beds for the growing season ahead too?  Are you ready to produce delicious veggies? These 4 steps will have your veggie patch ready to plant into in half an hour. …